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    Rachel Uchitel has said he was "very misquoted" and is considering legal action against the NY Post to misinterpret the words below. Read more after the jump.

    "I think Andy was destined to die because he was too good ... I'm almost happy it ended the way it did because I learned many lessons from him. It would have been tragic if he got into fights and then divorced ... [ Had he lived], I'd be a fat housewife with three children in Sands Point, Long Island. "

    Rachel Uchitel, who is best known as host VIP believed to be one of the many fans of Tiger Woods, talk to Page Six magazine about James Andrew O'Grady, banker boyfriend who died in 9 / 11. Now, I know everyone handles grief and the process of moving in very different ways, but still, these quotes seems pretty strange. I mean, yes, it would be sad that your romance is headed south, but somehow seems more tragic that he was murdered in the prime of your life? The full interview comes out Thursday, so we will suspend the trial so far. [NY Post]
    UPDATE: Rachel's response to see this quote in the press? "I was seriously misquoted. The loss of Andy was the worst thing that ever happened," he said. "I loved him more than anyone. I wish I could be so lucky as to say that I was his wife, who lives in Long Island, with three children. That would have been a wonderful life ... I really hope this clarification to people are not going to believe what the printed message. It is evil and horrible and disgusting. The clear message I want people to hate. "We will have to wait and see your answer to this. [NY Daily News]

    Woods, 33, apologized yesterday for leaving his family in a statement that refers to "personal sin" and the forced exposure of "intimate details" of his life.

    Speculation has mounted on the personal life of golfer since he crashed his car into a fire hydrant and a tree outside his home in Florida in the early hours of Friday morning, with sensational claims she had an affair with host Miss Uchitel. But Ms. Uchitel has previously denied having a romance with millionaire golfer of the world 1. Her lawyer Gloria Allred told reporters that "make a statement on the relationship of Ms. Uchitel with Tiger Woods" in a press conference in Los Angeles today.

    It is understood Miss Uchitel, 34, will attend, but are not expected to speak.

    The development came after Us Weekly reported that a cocktail waitress in Los Angeles says she had an affair 31 months with Woods.

    The magazine published what it said was a voice message - provided by Jaimee Grubbs waitress - a man who identified himself as Tiger left his phone three days before his accident.

    Miss Grubbs told the magazine she met Woods at a strip club in Las Vegas the week after the Masters in 2007 - two months before Woods' wife Elin Nordegren gave birth to her first child.

    In the voice mail published in the journal, a man says to Miss Grubbs: ".. Hey, it's, uh, you need Tiger to do me a favor" Um, can you please, uh, taking its name from your phone. My wife went through my phone. And, uh, I called. "If you can, please take their name from that and, well, and what they simply call a number in the voicemail, just have it as your phone number. That's all OK. You have to do this for me. huge. quickly. Very good. Bye. "

    Gossip Sites U.S. suggested that the report of a case may have led to a domestic dispute between Ms. Nordegren Woods, 29, which led to the crisis.

    Yesterday, Woods, who was cited for reckless driving and said I must pay a fine of $ 164 (£ 98. 57) in relation to the car accident, he made no direct comment on the claims. But he said: "I left my family and I regret those transgressions with all my heart I have not been faithful to my values ​​and behavior of my family deserves .." I am not without fault and I am far from perfect. "He said he was" dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors, "adding:" I strive to be a better person and husband and father that my family deserves. "For all those who have supported me over the years, I offer deep apologies." He continued: "The stories, in particular, that physical violence played no role in the accident were completely false and malicious Elin has always done more to help our family and shows more grace than one might expect .." He also attacked the way he has been persecuted for exposing "intimate details" of the couple's life together. "The personal sins should not require the press releases and problems within a family does not have to mean public confessions" he said.

    Woods was stunned, bloodied and in need of medical attention to cuts in the face after the fall 2:25 a.m. (7:25 a.m. GMT) on Friday.

    His wife told police he used a golf club to smash the back windows of the van in an attempt to get her husband injured in the vehicle. But since the incident has been growing speculation about the circumstances that led to the accident. The police tried for three days after the accident to talk to Woods, but were frustrated repeatedly.

    On Tuesday, the Highway Patrol Florida announced it had completed its investigation into the incident and found that the player was solely responsible for the accident. They cited him for reckless driving, a violation for which will be forced to pay a fine and a penalty of four points on your driving license upon conviction. But he said it would file criminal charges and that no party had made any complaint of domestic violence in connection with the accident. Ms. Nordegren Woods has been married for five years and have two children.

    To date, Woods has enjoyed a spotless image has helped him amass a fortune through product endorsements and appearance fees.

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