Julianne Hough Western and more apparent

    In February 2007 it was announced that Apolo Anton Ohno was to participate in the popular reality show, Dancing with the Stars. He partnered with professional dancer and country singer Julianne Hough Western. This proved a perfect match as last week was from March 19, 2007 until the final on May 22, 2007.

    In week 1 with his partner Julianne Apollo dancing Cha-Cha-Cha to the song of Deniece Williams "Let's hear it for the child." It was the beginning of the season that Apollo and Julianne were looking for, as every judge who scored 7 of 10 for passing a 21 of a possible 30.

    As the weeks passed obvious chemistry with Julianne Hough was becoming more and more apparent. Apolo Ohno's personality that made him so popular with the short track speed skating audience swayed public TV as well. Comments such as "Your chemistry with Julianne is adorable and perfect and I am very happy to see more of him in the media, in-season, even Olympics!" noted from week 1 of Dancing with the Stars.

    Apolo and Julianne Hough began to separate from the rest of the competition with a samba danced to "I Like to Move It" by Reel 2 Reel in week 5. The trial so far had been very critical. Actually, it was at this time one of the judges had commented that he felt that this group of celebrities do not work as hard as any of the above groups. This was reflected in the score as No. 10 had been given to this point. All this was changed that night, when Apollo Julianne received a perfect score 3 for 30.

    One concern that Apollo had was that the chemistry between him and his partner Julianne Hough was more like a brother and sister. This would make it difficult in some of the romantic dances. This impression is erased during the week 6 rumba routine when projecting the romantic aspect of the dance perfectly. It was during the swing dance group this week that showed his playful side. He allowed Laila Ali, daughter of the famous heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, to carry everything.

    Apollo shows the maturity of a person for many years old treated in this competition with the respect and discipline gained by training showed to win Olympic gold in winter. He also gave a new perspective on the world of dance, even if the program was to him more about increasing awareness of speed skating short track. This new revelation can be seen in the following quote. "I have a whole new perspective on dance and dancers in general," says Ohno. "I had no idea what led him to train for something like this. I like to train hard and gives me the opportunity to go out and perform, I've never done before. I've only done on a big stage at the Olympic Games, with a poker face. "

    The completion of 10 weeks in Dancing with the Stars was on 22 May, at which time Apollo Julianne Hough and her partner won the contest. His last two dances, free style of Bust a Move / Young MC and a Carnival pasodoble Paris / Dario G each received a perfect score of 30.

    The two-time professional champion of the ABC TV hit show "Dancing With The Stars" Julianne Hough has recently begun to focus on a new talent - singing.

    On May 20, Hough released her self-titled debut album in country music. In the spirit of something that most famous critics Carrie Anne, Len and Bruno (the judges of the series that made her famous) might say, Hough's debut is very good, but there is always room for improvement.

    The best song on the album is probably the first single, "That song in my head", which has all the qualities of a fun song and catchy. Two other songs that really seem to stand out are "My Song Hallelujah" and "About Life" by his sweet voice and outstanding issues, respectively.

    Most tracks are divided into what is a typical music fan might consider the average a little over medium category. However, the songs "You, you, you" and "Jimmy Ray McGee" are two examples of works that seem either overstated or that lack originality and demonstrate the existence of this "room for improvement."

    In general, Hough is like a breath of fresh air. In an industry that glorifies promiscuity and materialism, which is a complete change of pace. Their debut album gives the world of music a refreshing taste of a healthy country style and classic. And if still working on it, you could make a good name for himself as a musician in a similar way as it has done with his skills on the dance floor.

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Julianne Hough Western and more apparent

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Kellie Pickler on the fifth season of American Idol

    Kellie Pickler has come a long way since a contestant on the fifth season of American Idol. Some of the many awards he has won are: Composer Award 2007 for "Red High Heels" in Composer Award 2008 and the gap video for "I Wonder", and in 2010 Composer Award "best days of your life. " Two of my favorite songs are your "My Angel" and "Somebody to Love Me".

    She was born in 1986 and in many ways his childhood was anything but pleasant. His parents separated when she was two years old. She said that her father Bo was a drug addict and alcoholic and that time in prison for aggravated assault. His mother was involved in writing bad checks and using a forged prescription drugs. She disappeared when she was three years Kellie but returned and took custody of her in 1995. Unfortunately for the next two years his mother was mentally and physically abusive to her. Finally, the Court gave custody of her grandparents Kellie. With them he found peace and joy, because it gave a sense of having parents who were good to her and wanted the best for her.

    Kellie wrote a song called "My Angel", describing his feelings for his grandmother. Personally, I always felt that the songs can be so beautiful especially if they are written with simplicity and sincerity. In one verse Kellie says "his grandmother was like a mother to her and is her best friend. She said her grandmother saw all that in it she wanted to be and has never been one who loved her as she did . "

    In subsequent years to reflect on his mother will not be there for her and the situation of abuse, Kellie said the pardons because it believes that Jesus teaches us to love everyone and after all she is his mother. He even wrote a song titled "I Wonder", which tells how his mother wondered what he was thinking during the formative years growing up and Kellie. His honesty was also direct when she was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show. He referred to Elena that she loved Clint Eastwood and his work in movies, but never met him. He happened to have been a guest on the previous program and managed for him and to his surprise and out to meet him. His exuberance and honesty was refreshing to see.

    Kellie is a spokesperson for St. Jude Research Hospital. My wife and I went to a fundraiser in Massachusetts to a Boston radio station country was hosting WKLB St Jude and Kellie was the headliner. After the show he had a meet and greet and my wife wanted his autograph for my son. Kellie said she was on his second tour in Iraq. Kellie gladly accepted and signed a picture of it to our son with the words "Blessings, David." I could not stop thinking how it was not only a good singer and songwriter, but is very supportive of our troops and USO tours made for them.

    When you hear songs like "My Angel" and see your sincere care of people, whether it's your grandmother, my son in the other soldiers, and many along the road of life, one can not help but be enriched by Kellie is honest and has a heart of gold.

    American Idol has not yet reached the Top 12 contestants but the show has been full of controversy and surprises.

    Last week, Alaina Alexander and Leslie Hunt, the girls were removed from top. This was a surprise to the judges, and many fans. Most expect that Antonella Barba, a 20-year-old from New Jersey, have been removed on the basis of which received the worst reviews of the judges last night. Some suspect that the publication of suggestive photographs contestant helped keep the contest another week.

    AJ Tabaldo and Peter Nicholas were removed from the side of children. Once again, judges Paula Abdul seemed surprised and said that the fans, "Remember this is a singing contest." Most expect Sanjaya Malakar, 17 Federal Way, WA, would have been to go after receiving negative reviews for two weeks in a row. Malakar admitted in shock still on the show.

    Season 5 contestant Kellie Pickler, preformed her hit single, I wonder, in the elimination, on Wednesday night. His song was well received by most, but fans of the Internet seem to be more interested in their change in appearance. Common views expressed in blogs and fan message boards were larger and more "excess" Pickler appearance.

    Many visitors are pleasantly surprised by the apparent change in the behavior of judge Paula Abdul on the show. Abdul speaks above during the show and your comment is clearer than ever. On the other hand, Simon Cowell, who has never been one to be tongue-tied, he was without words two weeks ago when contestant Chris Sligh hit back at criticism from Cowell citing Divo and Teletubbies The two projects Cowell was responsible.

    Next week is the last before the merger of the men and women in the Top 12. Season 6 fans can expect to see their idols with talent such as Gwen Stefani, Jon Bon Jovi and Jennifer Lopez. It should be another great season!

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Kellie Pickler on the fifth season of American Idol

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