battle with Sasuke Uchiha

    Power of the Five Kage
    Host of eight tails Killer Bee immerges from a tentacle of an octopus under that water, which his octobul cut loose during their battle with Sasuke Uchiha. During the battle Bee noticed that this battle is more then he can handle, so he moved him self into this arm so that he can trick and escape from the Hawks.
    Because of being a Jinchuriki he is held in his village, so he thinks of himself as a caged bird that is held in cadge without his free will. Village used him as weapon many times. Now that every one believes that he is captured by the Akatsuki he decides to take advantage of the situation and plans to go on a vacation where he will meet his enka sensei.
    Meanwhile at the five Kage summit Sasuke Uchiha is able to locate Danzo but unfortunately he slipped away thanks to fifth Mizukage’s interference. Now Sasuke has his hands full of her they are having one hell of fight.
    She have power over two Kekkei Genkai one is called Lava Style Jutsu that she forms by using three chakra natures water, fire and wind element which also allows her to use her another Kekkei Genkai vapor style Solid Fog jutsu. A Jutsu so power full that even melted Sasuke’s so called ultimate defense Susano’o that he claims that it is even more accurate and perfect then Kazekage Gaara’s ultimate defense of sand.
    Gorgeous Lady Mizukage was about to melt handsome man of leaf village when Zetsu activated his time laps jutsu that sucked out chakra of her and gave it to Sasuke that allowed him to break the wall and escape the sudden death. When he thought he is safe then. Tsuchikage attacked him with his ultimate attack Particle Style Atomic Dismantling Jutsu that turned Sasuke into dust. But what seemed the end of Uchiha turned to be the beginning of a new era. It was Madara who saved Sasuke’s butt from turning into dust by using his teleportation Jutsu.
    There he introduced him self first time face to face to the five Kages and he will explain his plan Project Tsuki no Me (Moon eyed plan) in the next episode Naruto Shippuden 405. It has lots lots and lots of Killer Bees in it.

    Naruto Shippuden Wallpapers


    Lady Mizukage


    Hatake Kakashi

    Killer Bee Eight tails

    Madara Uchiha

    Naruto Uzumaki

    Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha sure is one popular guy !

    Well at least that’s what I think , some like him , some adoreeee him and some hate him . Take your pick , it doesn’t matter if you like him or not . The story doesn’t depand on you , but on him . And as you are aware (if you have been following Naruto Shippuden Religiously XD) . The manga is getting us near the so long awaited battle (kinda like when Vegeta got paired against Goku just before the Buu fiasco , we all were waiting for *that* fight ) . This one promise to be entraitaing and an eye opener . We will know so much when Naruto will clash with Sasuke .

    I personally don’t like him that *much* . I understand how he feel , being betrayed , used , treated as a fool . He is also smart I give him that , but he is too arrogant for his own good . Add to that , his idea of justice is kinda harsh . I get he want to kill the 3 elders ( Danzo and the 2 others hags) . But to kill a whole village , even the children’s ?

    An eye for an eye , never brought peace but it only strech what already begun and had an end . If it did have an end , continuing the circle like he is doing will only prolonge his own agony . And he will become lost . But then again , Kishimoto know how to twist things around . So who know what he has in store….maybe , it won’t be predictible .

    But for now , let’s just enjoy this feeling of ”what’s gonnahappen” for a little while longer and meanwhile I give you some Sasuke Wallpapers :)

    And followed closely by *funny* Pictures of Sasuke , just for laugh :) (you need a sense of humour to enjoy them , it written in those little letter down you know where :P )

    So for the fans that drool over the mysterious young Sasuke Uchiha , I give you today a couples of wallpapers going from when he was 13 to 16 , and as we know in Shippuden his look changed (and so did his personality) . Sasuke Uchiha is in my opinion a tragic kid , he is the outcome of a lot of hates (thanx to madara!) , and power sturggles . And of course the same quest of finding who he is , is put before him . Only , he choose what seem like the easy path , dark but straigh forward . Times will only tell , if his ending will be good or bad .

    But for now , let’s see those wallpapers…

    I once found a wallpaper of Sasuke Uchiha that was amazing , the artist made him with long hair in the style of Madara in his younger years , he remind me of Raditz a bit . But until I find that wallpaper , I present you instead some new wallpapers (found outta there) that for once aren’t all blue….

    For once , some wallpapers are dark and as always very well done .

    -Sasuke wearing the Akatsuki cloak-

    -Sasuke and Orochimaru Curse Power-

    -Sasuke Shippuden-

    -Sasuke Blue Shakra-

    -Sasuke Melody-

    -Sasuke Shadow Darkness-

    -Sasuke Shippuden 2-

    For those who are into Sasuke Uchiha , then you will be thrilled to have one of these wallpapers decorating your deskpot .

    -Sasuke Uchiha-

    Sasuke wearing black with the uchiha logo on his back .

    -Sasuke using the Curse powers-

    Surrounded by blue light , Sasuke using Orochimaru curse power .

    -Sasuke forming the Great Fireball Technique seal-

    I don’t know what’s with Sasuke and all the artist putting him around blue backround , but at least they know which blue to pick . And this one is very chic !

    -Sasuke roaring Sharingan and pure chakra-

    Done a bit a la DBZ , this wallpaper still is awesome to have . The white balance the rest of the colors black and blue and make it look awesome .

    -Sasuke Shippuden-

    I really like the face of Sasuke the way it’s draw in Shippudden . But what I hate most is his clothes . What’s with the Orochimaru look ? I love Orochimaru but the robe with the big bow ….just yurk !

    But this wallpaper no matter what I think about Sasuke clothes , is still beautiful . With the dark and white text in the back…..a must have :)

    -Sasuke Sorrow-

    No matter how many times you can run a script , it doesn’t change the outcome of a story . This hand made painting of Sasuke tell the story of a broken brother who had to end the life of the only person who really cared for him .

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